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Here’s a dude who’s spent his entire life talking to little guys on his knee, but now he’s chatting with some amazing folks he can’t actually stuff in a box. Guests are from all walks of life, and they’ve become masters at their chosen profession, each with their own 10,000 hours of experience and a lifetime of dedication to whatever they do. The person may or may not be famous, but you’ll find out what drives them, but also what they did when they almost didn’t “make it.” Hear about the times they had true doubts, or when life threw curveballs and they had to push back and persevere.

In addition, at the end of each episode you’ll hear from at least one of the guys out of Jeff’s suitcase introducing a live performance segment from a show on the road. Listen now!

Mar 17, 2021

This episode I talk to the super talented and always hilarious Howie Mandel... You’ll never guess how he got started and what has kept him going after so many years in show business. And, you really won't want to miss his story about the practical joke that got him kicked out of high school. Have a listen!

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